The moment when it just “clicked”

Our founder, Assaf, had a “eureka” moment while teaching design classes. When students were given a challenge, they first Googled for answers or sketched ideas. They didn’t want to start by prototyping. They were hesitant to make mistakes.

So, he challenged them with unique, “un- Googleable” prompts, encouraging them to dive in and prototype new solutions with paper. He believed that ridiculous exercises and immediately experimenting with paper would enable them to try new things and allow wild ideas to flow.

This worked! Instead of feeling pressured to “get it right,” his students found joy in experimentation and discovery.


over Perfection

With this in mind, he began prototyping and testing out designs for a toy. He wanted to create something that would help kids of all ages think with their hands, unlock their individual creativity, and reframe that fear of starting something new into the thrill of creating something new.

2 years and 1214 prototypes later it all clicked together and Clixo was born.

For the ones who think they can — and the ones who think they can’t.

Clixo is more than a toy. It’s a tool of personal expression — a flexible, mobile world to be discovered, assembled, and reassembled. We free kids from the pursuit of perfection and give them freedom to follow their limitless imaginations, whenever and wherever it takes them.

It’s not about making the creation perfect. It’s simply about creating.

  • Dr. Azi Jamalian, The Giant Room

    “What I love about this is it’s super flexible, It’s super easy to pick up and to start building. Once you start the sky’s the limit. It’s applicable that adapts to different settings and appeals to kids and adults alike. It also connects 2D perspective to 3D design and that’s very important for spatial thinking, to help kids and adults think of new design ideas in their mind and bring them into reality.”

  • Dr. Jessica Meizi, The Giant Room

    “I absolutely love Clixo. Simply by connecting them you get a chance to discover and find new ways to use them. Happy accidents can happen very easily because you are being tactile, playing with them, and just seeing how they fit together. This fits in perfectly with our STEAM programming. It incorporates creative thinking, science and technology, and experimentation. It’s a super powerful tool because it’s open-ended and you get to define how you use it. I love it.”

Research-based play for building critical thinking

Inspire children at any developmental stage to experiment at home, school, or even on the go. Clixo encourages personal expression, nurtures curiosity, and boosts a child’s capacity to connect. Beyond building their mental and emotional creativity, Clixo allows children to touch the magic of creation — so they can invent and think more freely.

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