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A Guide to Competitive Fun with Clixo

A Guide to Competitive Fun with Clixo

By Clixo Team

July 2020

In the past few days, we’ve shared some independent activity ideas and collaborative and cooperative play ideas with Clixo pieces.

Today, we’d like to share two fun suggestions for some competitive play ideas with Clixo.

“Click-tionary” – Write down a list of different nouns on different pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Break out into different teams. Have one member of the team pull out a piece of paper, take a stack of Clixos, and create whatever is on the list. Teams compete to see who can build and guess the most number of creations within a specified time.

What kids can learn: Parameters like coming up with a specified creation or making something within a given amount of time helps kids think critically and creatively. 

Speed Snapper – This is a twist to the game we mentioned above where everyone can come up with a list of things to build. However, in this version, everyone creates the same thing at the same time, but goes head-to-head to see who can create the most recognizable version of that thing in the fastest time. 

What kids can learn: While speed is the name of the game here, the game also develops critical and creative thinking to break down the invention into its most recognizable elements. It also allows kids to learn from others as they observe similarities and differences in how other kids tackled the same problem.

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