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Bath Time Fun

Bath Time Fun

By Kate

November 2021

Hello, sweet cheeks!

If your little ones are like mine and dig bath time, adding in some fun toys promotes a great place to zone out and unwind. Like many parents, I’ve noticed that bath time acts like a sort of Zen Zone; kind of like Mom having a candlelit bath with a glass of wine… does anyone still do that? Anyway, I think it’s what we can all imagine it being like, a place to relax, decompress and for your little ones, act as a creative environment to mindlessly interact with water and toys.

I also don’t think baths have to be before bedtime, I like to fit them in when I think the moment’s right. Like right after school or after visiting the park.  When I notice there’s a change in energy and I want to encourage time to unwind. As the kiddos come down from their daily high I like to send them in the tub. It’s also helpful when I need to cut back on the tv or separate the two boys from arguing. It’s a nice break and change of scenery, sort of like a reset.

Lately we’ve been experimenting with Clixo’s newest Grip and Stick pack. With it, you can stick various pieces to the bathtub wall with suction cups! We like to connect a bunch of pieces and create a Clixo mural. Our favorite activity is giving the spinner piece a good whirl, and watching which way the water flies off. It also acts as a learning experience since it helps to understand cause and effect.  A water playground brought into your very own bathtub. 

And of course nothing beats wrapping up that sweet babe into a cozy soft towel. It gives me a moment to sneak in extra hugs and bonding time while I add the final touches of lotion. So cute and so clean, let the calm in before tomorrow’s storm begins.

Happy splashing!

This piece was written by Kate. Kate’s a NYC parent of two young boys, ages 3 and 5 and fur baby, Mr. Biscuits. She lives in the West Village with high school sweetheart and now hubby, Dylan. When not working or managing the school shuffle, Kate is running, cycling, painting, or as her children call it, “sitting in her lounge chair” (aka the couch). She loves a good laugh and literally dances like no one is watching.

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