Clixo X ReelAbilities

Clixo X ReelAbilities

The Clixo Team

April 2022

We were so excited to support ReelAbilities at their Film Festival in New York in April. Dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with disabilities, we teamed up to inspire creative confidence through the power of inclusive play.

About The ReelAbilities Film Festival

ReelAbilities Film Festival was initiated in New York at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan in 2007, founded by Anita Altman and Isaac Zablocki. The festival was the first of its kind to present a series of award-winning films by, about and for people with disabilities. As the festival progressed, screenings continued to take place at multiple venues across the city and all films are followed by discussions that engage the community in promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity, while providing accessible conditions to match the different needs of our multi-layered society.

How Can You Get Involved

Whether you’d like to donate, submit a film, volunteer or become a partner, you too can help support ReelAbilities. Find more information on their site here.

More Photos From The Event

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