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Easter Activity Ideas!

Clixo Easter Eggs

Easter Activity Ideas!


March 2021

We’re sharing a couple of eggs-citing activity ideas to kick off a “Hoppy Easter” weekend that’s fun for every-bunny! These creative ideas are great for independent play and can also be adapted for group play across different ages (because let’s face it, adults need some play time too)!

Idea #1: Make Easter Eggs

Clixo Easter Eggs

One of the traditional symbols of Easter is the Easter egg, as eggs represent rebirth and new life. You can make your own Clixo egg by:

1. Grab 6 pieces of Quad (the X-shape)
2. Arrange them into a T-shape
3. Connect the ends of the T shape together into a round shape
4. Squish the round shape into an egg shape!
5. You can keep this simple and use this as a decorative piece or take this a step further by hiding these eggs around the house!

Some examples: Snap longy on the egg and hang it on a bathroom hook for a sneaky surprise

Or even stick it on the outside of your car (and don’t worry, Clixo pieces won’t scratch the paint!)

Idea #2: Make An Easter Bucket

Clixo Easter Basket

This is a fun activity that doesn’t require instructions and can really allow your little one’s creativity to shine. All they need to do is grab a handful of pieces and let their hands do the thinking. There’s really no wrong way to Clixo here. They can snap whatever pieces they want together and create their own little masterpiece and personalize it however they want!

Fun fact: The Easter basket pictured above was strong enough to hold 7 eggs!

Idea #3: Make an Easter Bunny

The most iconic symbol of Easter has to be the Easter Bunny and it’s easy to make different Clixo versions of rabbits. Whether you make a 2D version on a magnetic surface like a fridge or a 3D version like in the video clip above, it’s fun to experiment with different shapes and see what you come up with!

Idea #4: Create your own Fascinator/Easter Bonnet/Headpiece

Clixo Fascinator Head Piece Bonnet

Easter bonnets are a traditional hat that is typically worn during Easter services and the Easter parade following it. The bonnet used to have depictions of Easter and spring with bunnies, flowers, etc. though recently, more creative designers have been producing more elaborate designs!

This activity is a great way to show off your (or your little one’s) creativity and sense of style! Take it a step further by holding a mini fashion show at home or doing a little Project Runway competition and seeing which family member can make the coolest hat!

Idea #5: Try a Family Game

Easter Activity Ideas

Beyond bunnies, eggs, and spring, Easter is a time of togetherness and reflection with family regardless of faith. Making fun memories together over Easter brunch is a fun, memorable way to celebrate this holiday. We’re providing links below to two blog entries with games options that can be played in groups across different ages. Some are simple and others are quite silly – but we think that they’re all absolutely wonderful for unleashing your inner child and for making funny new memories together with family, friends, or loved ones!

Games Link 1: Featuring Clixo Bowling and Ring Toss
Games Link 2: Featuring Clixo Shake It Off and Clixo Target Practice

We hope have a “hoppy” Easter celebration and a wonderful spring season filled with new beginnings and fresh ideas!

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