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Fun and Games with Clixo

Fun and Games with Clixo

A ball hoop created by Clixo shapes.

Making up games is an excellent way to introduce children to essential concepts needed in day to day life. With Clixo, it’s easy to prototype, rearrange, and experiment with the form and structure of play. Here are a few quick games we made up to get you started!

Play "pin the tail" with a Clixo shape

Circles, bracelets, rings, and hoops! Clixo excels at creating rounded and organic forms. Try creating different styles of hoops and balls, play a game of horse, where you challenge each other to increasingly difficult shots.

Magnetic wearable toys

Expand your play possibilities by including paper crafts in your game. We made a pin the tail on the cat game, but the options are limitless! You could make a Clixo X to mark the spot on a treasure map, or draw an outline of yourself on a large sheet of paper and use pieces to give yourself a funny face.

Tactile play is the name of the game. We made a fun grabber crown to pick up magnetic objects. Wearable creations are an excellent way to playfully investigate the world around you. Try making a glove, a hat, or even a necklace, and see what you can grab on to!

Instead of cleanup being thought of as the end of play, we can use the stacking nature of Clixo to articulate cleanup as a form of play. Challenge a child to stack all the pieces of one type as fast as they can!

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