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Sensory Symphony! Mixing Music and Hands-on Play!

It’s always really cool to “look behind the curtain” (so to speak) and see how other parents juggle parenthood. In this episode of Clixo Chit Chats, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ximena Borges, who is not only a mom, but is also a gifted musician and the amazing founder of Juliet and the Elf. Juliet and the Elf is an incredibly interesting business that uses music as an intentional parenting tool.

Classical music can sometimes get an unfairly bad rap for being boring or stuffy. However, there are so many complex melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic patterns in Classical music and Jazz that make these interesting, fun, and very good for babies brains. Juliet and the Elf embraces all of this magic, art, and complexity and bottles them into wonderful, well-curated lists that are incredibly approachable, super helpful, and utterly enjoyable.

Beyond Ximena’s passion for music, one of the things that struck us is how she had truly done her research as a parent. Beyond playing with open-ended building toys like Clixo and Magnatiles, she also goes outside toys and incorporates fun, whole-family activities (such as baking) that really emphasize the importance of hands-on activities in child development. Incorporating music and hands-on play has been a wonderful way for her son to either focus or wind down at the end of the day, and to express himself in different ways.

When you combine the magic of music and the hands-on wonder of Clixo, it’s truly a sensory symphony! 🙂

Check out the full interview in the YouTube link below.