5 Ways to integrate play into your (hectic) daily routine

5 Ways to integrate play into your (hectic) daily routine

5 Ways to integrate play into your (hectic) daily routine

Recess: Adults need it too!

We recently wrote an article about why it’s so important for adults to make time for play time. Here, we wanted to quickly offer five actionable tips for how you can do that in a sustainable and fun way.

1.Take 10 Minutes to Clixo!


Instead of waking up early and going straight to emails, get your cup of coffee, sit down somewhere away from technology (even for ten minutes), and just let your hands play with Clixo pieces. (Alternatively, take a ten minute break in your workday to Clixo.) The tactile aspect of playing with shapes is proven to be relaxing, and can spark creativity. This is also a great activity for adults who want to meditate but really struggle to do the whole ‘sit still with eyes closed’ thing. The pieces give you just enough to focus on so your brain doesn’t wander, but is also incredibly calming.

2. Play Telephone-creativity With Your Kid (Or Other Kids at Heart).


This is a great, easy way to creatively collaborate. If you are lucky enough to have kids that will play with you, then we recommend following their lead, since kids are so much better primed to play than we are. Here’s how it works: first they make a Clixo creation, and then they pass it to you, and it’s your turn to modify it and turn it into something different. Then it goes back to them, and so on. You’ll be amazed at how ideas transform and evolve into totally new creations. 

3. Use Clixo to Stay Focused.


If you’re genuinely booked from sun up to sun down and can’t find ten minutes for play in your workday, simply turn off your video during one of your zoom meetings and play with Clixo pieces while you listen in. You might be surprised at how much more you can focus while you have something to do with your hands. Better yet, the playing might even generate some new ideas!

4. Replace the Crossword with Clixo


Keeping our brains sharp as we age is important to all of us. Maybe you do the crossword on Sunday, or you like some evening Sudoku. Whether it’s in the bath, on the toilet, or on the subway, bring Clixo with you for some mind-sharpening fun!
(ProTip: Clixo is washable and can be disinfected with 70% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth!)

Challenge Yourself (and Others) by Turning Clixo into a Game


Whether you follow some of our game prompts (here or here) or create something completely unique and original – don’t be afraid to get utterly silly with it. (And be sure to share your game with us @my_clixo). 

Got other great ideas for how to make time for play time? Share them with us@my_clixo and we may interview you for our ongoing series about play. 

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