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Activity Idea – Clixo Run!

Activity Idea – Clixo Run!

Clixo x Mr. Andy presents: A fun challenge for budding engineers! Kick-start that STEAM mindset by creating a Rube Goldberg Machine!

A Rube Goldberg Machine is a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way.Inspire little ones to design and build their own unique, complicated, and fun chain reaction contraption

Here’s an activity that’s fun for kids of all ages: Make a ball go from one end to another using a Clixo run. For this activity, you’ll need a magnetic surface to hold your machine up as the ball goes through.

In the example video, you can see that this Clixo run was stuck to a radiator. However, you can also use other magnetic surfaces such as a refrigerator door, a white board, or even a car door (don’t worry, Clixo magnets will not scratch or dent your car).

Your Clixo Quad pieces may be the superstar in this activity but other pieces will play a supporting role in adjusting or modifying the strength, shape, or overall structure of the contraption.Make it as simple or as elaborate as you want!

 As an example, 3 Quad pieces connected together in a wide tube shape (as seen in the video above) can be a great shape for a ball to run through. All other methods are encouraged and welcomed!

Helpful Information for Parents

This activity is a great way to introduce kids to the “experimental mindset” and show them that iterating and trying new things (even if the first attempt doesn’t always work) is all part of the process. Often, the best way to learn new things is to simply jump in and try. In the beginning, this activity may feel intimidating for little ones, but being able to learn through play is safe, non-threatening, and fun! Every experiment teaches imparts a new piece of information, and each new lesson learned increases your child’s capability to do better and accomplish great things.

 About Mr. Andy: Andy Yung is an NYCDOE pre-Kindergarten teacher at P.S. 244Q. He has been teaching pre-K for 8 years. His programs include a Reggio-inspired play based curriculum where children’s interest drives the learning and a Tinkergarten program which is an outdoor, nature-based play program. Besides being a pre-K teacher, he is also a father of 2 boys, an advocate for play, and a toy enthusiast. He enjoys bringing in new toys and materials for his students to explore and sharing his child development knowledge and activities with parents and teachers. To learn more about Andy check out his Instagram, his classroom account, or support his DonorsChoose projects.

Clixo x Mr. Andy is a series of creative activity ideas developed by Mr. Andy for Clixo to help parents and kids get even more fun out of their Clixo packs. Try out some these activities in your play group today and share pictures with us! We’d love to see it! 🙂

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