Gift Ideas for Kids 4-8 Years Old

Gift Ideas for Kids 4-8 Years Old

by Seb

Finding gifts for young kids can be challenging. By the time they are 4-8 years old, they’re developing unique interests and personality traits. At this point they are showing whether they’re athletic, creative, a book worm or whatever else they may be into. That’s why the toy market is so diverse and there are so many options to choose from. Let’s look at some gift ideas for different types of kids 4-8 years old.

The Creative

Most kids are going to have a creative side to them, but some more than others. It’s important to encourage their creative skills as soon as they start. They may be able to turn them into a career someday.


Just hearing the word ‘paint’ can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Don’t worry, these Crayola Washable Kids’ Paints won’t stain anything. You can give these to your kids to go crazy with and it will wash right out. There are several colors they can use to create whatever they want.

Building Toys

These are an excellent choice for kids who fit into any category. They encourage creativity and critical thinking skills while allowing them to work with their hands. Clixo’s sets come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Kids aren’t limited to the sizes, and since they are made of bendable material they can manipulate them however they want. Grab them a set today and it will be sure to be a hit. 

Art Set

An art set with markers, colored pencils, crayons and everything else is essential for the creative kid. They’re going to need the tools to create their next masterpiece! Try getting them this Crayola Art Set equipped with every color in the rainbow and then some. 

Modeling Clay

Modeling clay is not only great for encouraging creativity, it’s therapeutic. Playing with clay can give kids a calming sensation while also allowing them to create something fun. Any of the sets from Hey Clay will be great for kids 4-8 years old. 

The Athlete

For the athletic kid, you will obviously want to get them toys to encourage their sporty nature. The athlete isn’t going to want a science experiment set, so try one of these options.

Putt-n-Play Wooden Golf Set

The Putt-n-Play Wooden Golf Set from Fat Brain Toys is an excellent gift idea for athletic kids. It comes with props to create a mini golf course, so they can use it inside or outside. This golf set it recommended for children who are between the ages of 3 and 5.

Spooner Board 

Another great option for the younger athlete is a Sooner Board. A spooner board is good for practicing balance and they can use it inside or outside. They can slide around the house with it, or use it as a sled outside. The possibilities are endless. 

Bow and Arrow Set 

What’s more fun than picking up random arrows all over the house? Thisbow and arrow archery set is a unique gift that will set you apart. It will give them a chance to learn a new skill other than bouncing or throwing a ball around. 

The Bookworm

An easy out for the bookworm is to get them, well, a book. Kids who enjoy devouring book after book can appreciate other gifts, too. You can get them something to enhance their reading experience.


A Skynook is a great way to get your little bookworm outdoors. Think of it like a sitting up hammock. You can easily attach it to a tree and give them a safe space outside to finish the next chapter in whatever they’re reading. 

Reading Light 

Reading in dim lighting can cause eye strain and other problems. Try giving them an attachable book light for reading in dark environments. Whether it be in bed at night, or on a road trip, this little light will come in handy and they will definitely appreciate it. 

Their First Dictionary

What would a kid who loves to read want more than their own dictionary? They’ll have a great time flipping through the Miriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary learning new words. It will be a great reference point for when they’re reading and don’t know what a word means! 

The Scientist

Kids who love science can be a rare breed. When they show an interest, encourage it! It’s never too early to start fostering scientific skills that can help them in the future.


The scientist is going to want to learn about anything and everything, so why not the human skeleton? The Bones Book and Skeleton will encourage them to learn about the bones in our body and also give them a fun toy to play with. The book included also explains the organs and systems inside our body for a well-rounded educational and fun experience. 

Kid’s Microscope

A microscope is the perfect gift for the budding scientist of the future. The microscope from The STEM Kids is a 3-in-1 digital microscope that works just like one in a lab. It connects to a computer, so they can view their results on the big screen and save their data, too! 


Getting your little one a set of binoculars will encourage them to get outside and explore. This kid’s binocular setcomes with a bird sticker set, so you can get them out there bird watching and learning about the environment. 

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