The NEW Designer Pack brings Clixo to grown-ups

The NEW Designer Pack brings Clixo to grown-ups

The Designer Pack is here to unleash your creativity

We are super excited to introduce our new
Designer Pack to the Clixo family!

At Clixo, our goal has always been to make the joy of play and creativity accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, or skills. This new pack is our first attempt at expanding on that mission and bringing Clixo closer to the adults and designers in our community.

Since we first launched in 2020, we’ve learned just how fun these toys are. Not just for kids, but for their parents too. And with its new and exciting look, we hope these new Designer Packs will find their place on the desks and living room tables of the creative adults in our community.

With its beautiful structure, new matte black magnets, easy to transport design, and satisfying clicking pieces, Clixo is both fun and functional. We all know that finding time for play is challenging, especially as we get older. Our hope is to spark creativity, inspire a-ha moments, and to give you the tools to play everyday. With Clixo, the possibilities are endless!

Even though we might not realize it, so much of what we do as adults is play. All the cooking, talking with our friends, coworkers, and kids. All the playlists we make to add meaning to our days, or simply getting dressed in the morning. We are all human after all. We seek new experiences because we are wired to play. And it doesn’t just stop at “adulthood.”

What should playtime look like for us adults?

At Clixo we believe that work time, family time, and playtime shouldn’t be totally separate, but symbiotic.

We hope that the Clixo Designer Pack helps you decompress after a challenging project at work. Or maybe it’ll help pull you out of the trenches of procrastination. Or make for a cool discussion piece on your desk. Whatever it is, the beauty of the Clixo Designer Pack is that it can give you the opportunity to develop the basic concepts of building and re-building, of discovery, of early concept generation in any job, project, or imaginative endeavor.

Clixo’s new Designer Pack is now available in Night/Concrete and Sand/Desert. For youngsters and adults alike, this pack has the same cool design, with the same capacity to transform any place, any moment, into a playful adventure.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Please tag us #clixo and share all your amazing creations.

Encourage creativity with the light & compact Designer Pack.

Build countless creations with only 9 flexible and magnetic pieces.

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