Wind Down After School

Wind Down After School

Wind Down After School

By Kate

The school day is over, now what? Another 3ish hours before dinner and everyone is still reeling off the school day. We’re fortunate that on a couple week days we have after school programs where the kids can be kids, or learn new skills like coding, drawing, or clay pinch pots. It’s amazing the things that are offered these days, back in my day we would play street hockey on a quiet cul-de-sac, or kick ball with the neighborhood kids. Like most parents, I like to reflect on or appreciate the “simpler times”. Keeping it simple in our home means indoor playtime, even if I have to take a deep breath prior to the great mess that follows. 

I can usually gauge how everyone is feeling after school pick-up, sometimes bursting with energy (which calls for a park run), or not too often the tired and quiet side. On the quieter days we usually go straight home to have what we call “crazy imagination time”. Letting the music play in the background seems to put everyone in a good mood. It’s a bonus if I get first pick of the station because everyone seems to like it! 

During playtime we often incorporate a bunch of different toys; for example, my 5-year old made a Clixo fort to keep the “baddies” away from the good guys. The container is still being used for our creations, don’t toss it just yet! I love seeing what their “crazy imagination” comes up with. 


Here are some other fun Clixo creations and ideas I’ve seen

Clixo Spinning Top

Clixo Snowflake

Clixo Bowling Game

Clixo Wearable Hat

Clixo Christmas Ornament


And even if the school day is done, we can use Clixo to encourage STEM learning through hand and eye coordination, concentration and problem solving. I am honest when I say, the amount of focus involved when these pieces come out is impressive to watch. Not to mention high concentration means more quiet time! 

On the flip side, if we do decide to head outdoors we’ll use our Clixo pieces as another level to elevate park play. Being that they’re magnets, it’s easy to hang creations off the playscape. Or, just recently I taught the kids how to play capture the flag. We built a “flag” out of our clixo pieces for each team, and it was a huge hit! 

It’s pleasant to have such imaginative moments and let the kids wind down on their own. I encourage boredom so that everyone can get creative. It’s amazing to see what they come up with, and using these toys as tools to enhance their thinking and creative abilities.


This piece was written by Kate. Kate’s a NYC parent of two young boys, ages 3 and 5 and fur baby, Mr. Biscuits. She lives in the West Village with high school sweetheart and now hubby, Dylan. When not working or managing the school shuffle, Kate is running, cycling, painting, or as her children call it, “sitting in her lounge chair” (aka the couch). She loves a good laugh and literally dances like no one is watching.

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