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Free shipping on orders over $35

"Clixo planet model"


You will need:

"Clixo Quad Shape" X 6
"Clixo Tridot Shape" X 2
"Clixo Longy Shape" X 2
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Build a planet model and its orbit with Clixo shapes. Further evolve your exploration by creating even more planets of your own.

The universe is yours!

Build your own with these packs!

Ages 6+, 72 pcs, 10 shapes

Add to cart $119.99

Unleash your creativity with the Clixo Itsy Pack. With 18 unique pieces, it’s the perfect toy for learning and play on the go. Choose from 3 color options.

Add to cart $29.99$29.99$29.99
Clixo Super Rainbow Pack

Ages 4+, 60 pcs, 8 shapes

Add to cart $89.99

Ages 4+, 42 pcs, 8 shapes

Add to cart $59.99

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