Clixo in the Classroom

Open ended play is a critical aspect of childhood development, giving students opportunities to explore ideas and concepts.

Clixo embraces the power of open ended play while aiding in key development milestones, supporting STEAM based curriculum, and providing boundless options to creatively support educator’s needs.

  • Michele Rabinowitz STEAM educator K-5 , PS 56, Brooklyn

    After they get to play with it a bit, they realize they can create three-dimensional shapes. Clixo helps with critical thinking, problem-solving, and working collaboratively as a group..

  • Gary Goldman, Futurist, Founder, Into The Future

    Clixo is one of many different types of toys that we use in our space. But I have found that it’s the toy that has the most versatility. unlike other toys with a fixed use, Clixo is a toy that unlocks the imagination in play and finds itself everywhere in the space.

  • Reid Bingham, Maker in Residence, The Dwight School

    This is such a great activity for introducing counting, color matching and number sequencing. Not to mention a great fine motor workout.

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