Level up your child’s building experience with snaps and grooves that engage fine motor and sensory motor skills. Vibrant colors and unique, flexible shapes are fun and fantastic for visual and creative stimulation.

Creativity You Can See, Feel, and Hear

Shape the flexible pieces, snap the magnets in different combinations, adjust the grooves, and build what comes naturally!

Clixo is fun to grip, click, and explore, and uses play as a powerful gateway for meaningful learning and self-expression.

Learn Through Hands-on Play

Keep fidgety little hands focused, while helping your child develop problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking skills. Our packs are portable and stack neatly so they can be taken on the go to keep your child engaged.

No Wrong Way to Play

Whether it’s a small object, an imaginary creature, a custom wearable, or a fidget friend, building with Clixo can be an excellent source of fun, engagement, and relaxation for kids with autism, ADHD, anxiety and more.
Design Play Wearables Portability Storage
Light & Compact
Stack & Pack
Standard Magnetic tiles & blocks
Flat surfaces
Heavy & bulky
Takes room