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  • Presents for When You Have No Idea What to Get A Toddler

    They’re super fun and satisfying to play with (that click the magnetic parts makes just sounds and feels so good). Maybe when I’m done “testing” them out, I’ll actually let my son take a shot at playing with them.
  • Best Birthday Gifts for 10 Year Olds

    One of the coolest toys we’ve seen. This Crew Pack with 28 pieces in seven shapes, and two spinners, lets kids build anything and everything they dream up. The magnets connect, and the shapes are flexible enough to be twisted into a slew of cool creations.
  • Clixo Gives a Modern Makeover to the Classic Building Toy

    Clixo joins Eshet’s other award-winning designs to take free-form expression to the next level. The patented and proprietary design encourages improvisation, experimentation, and out of the box thinking.
  • The Power of Magnets, Magic of Origami, & Ease of Blocks

    The magnets are strong, the colours are fresh and it’s super satisfying. People see the importance of bringing kids away from screens for some hands-on creativity.
  • Clixo lets kids build 3D and 2D designs, then start over

    Unlike tech toys with motors, and apps, these pieces rely more on a child’s creativity. While there is a small guide book that can suggest shapes and objects you can build (like a helicopter), Clixo can really be used to build really anything.
  • Clixo is my LEGO brick

    The result, is a toy that has set in motion a push back against uniformity, and a years long search and refinement of an idea that celebrates and encourages imperfection. For Eshet, play is about exploring concepts, because non-conformity, is the fuel of innovation.