Clixo is an innovative, creative tool for kids
to click and construct 3D creations from
flexible 2D shapes and powerful magnets.

Inside the packs

Unique shapes, flexible pieces, strong magnets,
fun accessories, thought-starter activities,
and endless possibilities.

How to play

Shape the pieces, snap the magnets together in different ways, and build whatever comes naturally!

Whether it’s a small object, an imaginary creature, or a custom wearable – there’s no wrong way to Clixo!

Why Clixo

It’s great for solo and group play, doesn’t require flat surfaces for builds, and can scale up or down in difficulty. It’s a versatile, accessible, creative tool for kids ages 3 and up.
Design Play Wearables Portability Storage
Light & Compact
Stack & Pack
Standard Magnetic tiles & blocks
Flat surfaces
Heavy & bulky
Takes room