A Guide to Collaborative Fun with Clixo

A Guide to Collaborative Fun with Clixo

A Guide to Collaborative Fun with Clixo

By Clixo Team

Last week, we shared a guide to independent play activities with Clixo containing some suggested themed-building exercises for kids.

Today, we’d like to share two fun suggestions for some collaborative and cooperative group play ideas with Clixo.


 Big, Bold Builds – Sometimes, with bigger structures, it’s way more fun to do it with a friend, sibling, or parent. Make a giant igloo fort, a boat-car hybrid, or just a gigantic animal. Building with a friend and engaging in a little make believe can be fun for all ages.

What kids can learn: Building something together and working towards a common goal is always a great exercise in teamwork and communication. 


 Pass and Play – Each child has a stack of parts. One child starts with one piece and hands it to another child, who adds a new piece then hands it to the next child (or hands it back if it’s a two player game). Each child takes a turn, adding a piece each time and hanging it to the next child, until an invention slowly starts to take shape. 

One variation of this game can include talking so that everyone can work towards building a common goal once an object (or an idea) starts to take shape. 

A second variation of this game involves doing this in complete silence, adding a little bit of mystery and suspense to mix. It’s interesting to see if kids are able to work towards the same creation without having discussed it in the first place, or if the build shifts midway into something else. 

What kids can learn: This game allows kids to just think with their hands and let an idea come naturally to them. The talking element can let kids work on their communication and teamwork skills, while the silent version can facilitate unstructured fun without overthinking. Freeform exploration can give way to fun and surprising discoveries.


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