A Guide to Solo Fun with Clixo

A Guide to Solo Fun with Clixo

A Guide to Solo Fun with Clixo

By Clixo Team

While interaction with adults and other kids is vital to a child’s development, many experts agree that it’s just as crucial for kids to have time by themselves. From exploring environments at their own pace, dealing with boredom and exercising self-reliance, or conquering clinginess and learning to be comfortable and expressive in one’s own identities, independent time affords children a variety of valuable and healthy learning opportunities. Also, let’s face it. A few minutes of free time for parents to do chores can be a huge help in a challenging day. 

Clixo can help cultivate a child’s independence and creative self confidence. Our open ended toys are meant to encourage freeform exploration. But sometimes, it helps to have certain parameters in place to help spur new ideas. Telling your child to create something that fits within a certain theme (that you can discuss and decide together) can help them come up with new ways of seeing and building.


 Some suggested themes/prompts can be: 

“I spy” – A variation of this could be along the lines of “I Spy” where your kid picks an object in a room and makes a Clixo version of that particular object. Great for kids who are more literal minded and want to build something based on actual objects. 

“Mythical Creatures and Imaginary, New Friends” – Encourage freethinkers to build “outside of the box” and have them come up with a whole new sidekick to keep them company during imaginary adventures

Superhero Gear – Build a piece of clothing or accessory that as part of a superhero persona. They can build one for their own superhero outfit or build different accessories that match their favorite superheroes

Join Monthly Clixo Challenges – Each month, we invite you to come up with creations that go with our monthly theme, then feature some of the fun, interesting, cool submissions on our site and social accounts. Checkout our newsletter and Instagram account to find out more!

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