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Building with Ilya

Building with Ilya

By Yaara

Meet Ilya - a Brooklyn local Clixo Master Builder

Meet Ilya

Ilya is an 11 year old Clixo Master Builder who goes to fifth grade in Brooklyn, NY.
A few months ago Ilya started visiting the Clixo Design Studio and Store in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Clinton Hill on a weekly basis. He often stops by after school to explore new Clixo creations (usually asking our team for a prompt or idea to get him started), or even to just spend time doing his homework.

We discovered Ilyas’ knack for innovation right from his first visit at the store. He was immediately drawn to the Clixo pieces and developed a unique technique and building style, now very identifiable as his own. Ilyas endless curiosity has been an inspiration to us all, as he loves sharing his ideas during the building process and after his creations are complete. He often challenges himself to find new ways to make his creations more complex and robust. He tends to build in 3D layers – starting from the core and then creating multidimensional full structures around it, stemming from the basic spring shape made out of two Quads.

We asked Ilya to come in one day and share his creative vision and process with us, and tell us more about his interests. We are excited for you to get to know Ilya too! To watch the recorded interview, follow this link

What are your favorite activities to do at home?

I like to play Legos, but I get bored with them though. I like to create things. I like to do projects. And I play a little bit of video games.

How did you learn about Clixo?

I just kept walking by [the store], and I just wanted to know what’s in there. So I just barged in and asked if I could play. And they were like “yeah, cool, you can play”.

How did you first start building with Clixo?

At first I just wanted to make bendy things, “bouncies”, things that bounce. And then I started to make more animals. I tried to make a thing that could fall on the floor and not get destroyed. I thought of using the Clixo spring shape, out of two Clixo quads, and then build all around it. It kind of worked, but then I wanted to make something bigger, so I made this larger creation.

I like to put the creations in the windows of the Clixo store, and then whenever you ring the doorbell, they go up and down. It’s very cool when you use pieces that are blue, because when they move it looks like the ocean, like a wave.

I once saw a windmill, so I took this big wheel and then connected a lot of Flops and Flaps to it. When you blow on it, it makes it spin.

Out of all of the creations you built, which is your favorite one?

My first one, that I have a picture of on my phone. It’s a little Clixo robot with eyes.

What is your favorite Clixo piece?

I like the Super Quad the most.

If you had an endless number of Clixo pieces, what would you build?

I would make a big tower. Maybe create new Clixos. I don’t know, but something fun.

What is your favorite part about coming to the Clixo store and playing with Clixo?

Just creating something new. I like making machines. More like sculptures, not something that moves.

What tips would you give other kids who want to use Clixo like you do?

Do what you want to do, and get inspired.

Now that you know Ilya, stay tuned in the next few weeks, when we will share “Building with Ilya” videos where Ilya shows how he makes his innovative creations, from start to finish using his signature building techniques.


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