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Clixo® Launches the Clixo Classroom Online Portal!

Clixo® Launches the Clixo Classroom Online Portal!

Toyish Labs design studio is proud to announce the launch of the Clixo Classroom Online Portal as the next stage of development into the education space of the award-winning toy line, Clixo. In this new portal, teachers and educators across the U.S. can access resources, free lesson plans, video challenges, and activity guides on how to incorporate Clixo into fun and educational classroom activities. 

The portal is part of the new Clixo Classroom initiative which includes the recently launched Clixo Classroom Pack. The new initiative extends its reach to educational settings, as a unique hands-on tool encouraging children to develop their soft and hard skills while exercising their imaginations and empowering their creative confidence. 

The Clixo Classroom Pack ($149.99) launched earlier this year. The Classroom Pack is the largest of Clixo’s packs with 100 Clixo pieces included, allowing for entire classrooms to play and build together. It was designed in collaboration with educators specifically for group and classroom settings to encourage hands-on STEAM learning.

Supporting individual or group play, the pack includes an educator guide, a poster with building instructions, and 32 activity cards that foster collaboration, boost creative confidence, and empower innovation. The Classroom Pack is ideal for ages 3-10, Pre-K to 5th grade, and is perfect for preschool to primary school classrooms, learning centers, summer camps, libraries, museums, and therapy sessions.

With efforts to enter into a variety of educational spaces and collect valuable feedback, Clixo launched the Clixo Educator Ambassador Program in late 2023, where teachers and educators have been invited to work alongside the Clixo team to create innovative Clixo activities with their students and share their tips and testimonials. The first round of the Educator Ambassador Program was completed in March 2024, where seven teachers, educators, and occupational therapists tested the Clixo Classroom pack with their students and developed new ways to use Clixo in a variety of educational settings. Some of these results can be seen hereThe second round of the Educator Ambassador Program will launch this summer, inviting a wider number of educators to take part and share insights from their Clixo experiences with their students while offering opportunities to connect at monthly Clixo educator virtual meetups, and receive discount codes and products for the classroom. Interested educators are invited to apply here.

More about the initiative from Assaf Eshet, Founder of Toyish Labs and creator of Clixo®: “After bringing the joy of Clixo to so many kids and hearing amazing feedback from teachers, we knew we had to create more resources to help educators bring creative play to their students. Not only does the Classroom Pack foster STEAM learning through creativity and connectivity, but Clixo’s Universal Design allows for inclusive play, meaning all children can collaborate and equally succeed in building. We are thrilled to support educators with the Ambassador Program and Online Portal and are excited to hear more feedback on how teachers are using Clixo and how we can further improve the learning and classroom environment.”

“The Clixo Classroom Pack is a robust educational tool that marries creativity with learning. Its emphasis on open-ended play, coupled with its potential to enhance language and cognitive skills, makes it a valuable asset in the Pre-K classroom setting,” said Andy Yung, a Pre-K Teacher and Clixo Education Ambassador. “ Additionally, being part of the Educator Ambassador Program was a rewarding experience, connecting me with like-minded educators and offering valuable tools to elevate learning with Clixo. It allowed me to gain insights and discover creative ways to incorporate Clixo into my teaching, ultimately enriching my students' educational experiences.”

“I’m an Occupational Therapist who has been working with the neurological population in an outpatient hospital setting for over 10 years. I love using Clixo as part of rehab because it can be used to work on fine motor coordination, visual skills, and various components of functional cognition. Plus it really can be suitable for all ages,” said Dori Cohen, an Occupational Therapist and Clixo Education Ambassador. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Clixo Educator Ambassador can apply on this form, or reach out to Clixo will be exhibiting the Classroom Pack and online portal at Booth #577 at ISTE from June 23-26 in Denver, CO as well.


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For inquiries about the Classroom portal, materials or ordering the Classroom pack, contact: 




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