Ocean Creatures & Mars Rovers

Ocean Creatures & Mars Rovers

Clixo First-Themed Packs

Inspiring kids to explore the unknown

Clixo is an open-ended toy that connects kids and kids-at-heart with their imagination and creativity. As you play, you travel with your creations to different worlds and land on a completely unexpected scenery, and that’s a big part of why we all love Clixo. While saying that, by providing a starting point and multiple inspiring devices, we can help the creative process and the exploration thrive.

So, without further ado, we are excited to introduce our two latest product launches, Mars Rover and Ocean Creatures, our first themed packs designed to spark young explorers’ imaginations. Both packs set the player in a different environment, have glow-in-the-dark pieces, and include other unique pieces in new colors to encapsulate the darkness of the environment and spark the imagination.

“After much tinkering and development, we are thrilled to bring two new Clixo packs to kids and adults to unlock even more creative possibilities and bring play to new heights,” said Assaf Eshet, Founder of Toyish Labs and creator of Clixo. “Our mission with Clixo was to create a modern and inclusive toy that would empower creativity and unlock imaginations for people of all ages. We’ve heard amazing feedback since our initial launch achieving that very goal and these new packs will continue to elevate our play system and discover new and fun ways of thinking and playing. We are also honored that both packs are now finalists at the Toy of the Year® Awards (The “Oscars” of the Toy industry) and are excited to bring Clixo to the awards gala and the Toy Fair this year.”

Welcome Mars Rovers

The Mars Rover Clixo Pack has glow-in-the-dark wheels and connectors, all-terrain wheels, dynamic wheel brackets, and fire blasters that set the ground for an imaginative journey and help you build countless rovers, motorcycles, and space drones to explore the most challenging Martian landscapes. The pack is currently available for pre-order hereand will start shipping in mid-October.

Welcome Ocean Creatures

The Ocean Creatures Clixo Pack brings underwater wonders to life! Take your imagination to new depths with specially designed glow-in-the-dark pieces, fins, and tentacles. Inspire creative confidence, foster STEAM learning, and discover the power of play as you build countless underwater creations. The pack is currently available for pre-order here and will start shipping in mid-October.

What Was The Inspiration Behind Ocean Creatures and Mars Rovers?

I asked our designers to share some thoughts about their inspiration and development process. Sebastian Morales shared with me that “The packs are designed to help kids explore the unknown, both in the real world and in their imaginations.
As curious people, we’ve always been fascinated by the unknown. Whether it’s the vastness of space or the depths of the ocean, there’s something about the unexplored that just draws us in. We’ve sent probes and rovers to Mars, and we’ve explored the deepest parts of the ocean. But there’s still so much we don’t know. This is what makes the unknown so fascinating. It’s a source of endless possibilities, is liberating, it opens room for imagination and space to bring ourselves in. We wanted to create something that would spark kids’ imaginations and curiosity. We obviously want kids to learn about Mars and the Ocean, but we think learning should be a byproduct of play.”

How was the design of the shapes and elements different?

“We knew that these new packs would be less abstract than the classic Clixo Packs, a bit more specific, we wanted the creations to closer resemble what they represent. For example, we wanted the shark to really look like a shark, maybe even be a bit scary!

Of course it’s all a balance, even as parts are more specific, they still needs to serve multiple functions, that’s part of what makes Clixo Clixo, modularity, flexibility, that ability to flow, transforming form one thing to another. A fin in a fish, can be a tentacle in a squid, the fire in a rocket, a mustached dog, a wing on a superhero…

Developing the packs took hours of play, figuring out what shapes afforded more play possibilities.” You can see photos of the creative process, some of the first models, and our design team’s visual research.

Toy Awards Nominations

The Toy of the Year® Awards are the prestigious award competition hosted annually by The Toy Foundation™ (TTF). Clixo has been selected as a finalist for two product categories for toys and games shaping the future of play. The product finalists were selected by an independent panel of play experts, journalists, academics, retailers, and other toy experts, who narrowed down the pool from the hundreds of nominations submitted by toy companies of all sizes. To vote for Clixo in this year’s Toy of the Year Awards, please visit here to vote for the Mars Rover Pack and here to vote for the Ocean Creatures Pack now through September 8th.

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