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Interactive Clixo Experience in NYC CAMP Store

Interactive Clixo Experience in NYC CAMP Store

A Free Immersive Experience for the Entire Family inside CAMP store in Columbus Circle

from November 20, 2023 to December 17, 2023. 


The Installation in CAMP Store

We are thrilled to announce our most recent collaboration, an interactive experience for kids and families inside CAMP store in Columbus Circle. The installation features a magnetic building wall filled with Clixo pieces for visitors to play and explore their creativity. CAMP counselors will facilitate visitors at play and educate them about Clixo and how it can turn from 2D shapes into an endless variety of 3D creations. The setup includes a school of over 100 Clixo fish floating above the store’s magical cabin, celebrating the recent release of our Ocean Creatures Pack. We invite you to visit, build creatively, and let your imagination run free.

The Inspiration for the Clixo Interactive Experience

Assaf Eshet, CEO and founder of Toyish Labs and creator of Clixo shared the inspiration for the collaboration: “Clixo is a very tangible and colorful product. We love showing Clixo to kids and their parents outside its closed packaging. When we incorporate a live presentation at a retail store, like we do at CAMP, they see the potential and endless possibilities they can make with Clixo.”

Design and Vision

Living in a Clixo immersive world is a daily experience for our team. Our magical design studio has a magnetic wall, and Clixo creations are attached to the windows and hang from the ceiling. It inspires us, fills our days with colors, and brings constant joy. We love sharing this creative environment with kids and families.
Clixo Designer Sebastian Morales described the planning and design before the installation: “We went to CAMP to scout the place and imagine what we could do in response to the space. We knew we wanted to make an installation that invited kids into the space and show them the magic of Clixo, but we weren’t sure exactly how.”

“Once there, we started brainstorming and taking measurements of the cabin and the space in general, we even made a 3D scan of the Cabin. We were surprised that the Cabin didn’t really have a ceiling which made it ideal for hanging creations above it! What if you could walk under a constellation of Clixo creations?! That would be cool. We realized this would also be perfect for our newest pack, Ocean Creatures. We had a vision! Imagine entering CAMP and immediately seeing a school of fish swimming above the cabin, as you approach you see them gently moving to the wind. Inside the cabin there is a metal wall full of Clixo pieces to play with, and above you, even more fish gently floating.”

“We prepared everything in advance, Evan pre-built over 130 fish and a magnetic wall. We packed it all up and freighted it to CAMP for a night installation. We had to do it after hours, once the store was close to not interfere with the regular business hours. Once there, it was fairly quick and we were done installing everything in just 5h.”

Planning Your Visit

We invite you to visit the free installation and share your experience with us by tagging us @my_clixo on social media.

Where: CAMP, 10 Columbus Cir, Suite 202, New York, NY 10019

When: November 20, 2023 to December 17, 2023 during store opening hours.

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