Clixo workshop at PS 29 Super Science Saturday

Clixo workshop at PS 29 Super Science Saturday

Inspiring exploration, creativity
and imaginative play 


Last week, PS29 in Cobble Hill hosted their annual Super Science Saturday celebration of exploration – turning the school into a live science museum with workshops, activities, and shows! Clixo was invited to share its colorful magnetic frenzy at the event and host a day of activities- and that’s how the Clixo Toy Building Workshop came to life.

Learning while Playing

With the amazing support of the PS29 community, the Clixo team led a series of project-based learning activities that encouraged design-thinking, story-telling, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. As students and parents started dropping in, they worked individually and as a team, using planning skills and peer support to create colorful and sturdy structures of various sizes and pieces.

After learning how Clixo’s magnetic flexible pieces can be used to build playful 3D shapes that bend, connect, and click, each child started with figuring out how to make a ball from 2, then 6, and even 24 Clixo pieces. After mastering that skill – they worked together to create intricate and sturdy structures – such as the tallest standing tower or the longest snake. When one tower started leaning, the group discussed how to reinforce the base. When the snake was long enough – they went on to create a magnificent head and decorations.

Imagination and Creativity

For the final activity – children (and some parents) in various ages used their curiosity and imagination to build shapes of their own, resulting in mini-Clixo presents, caterpillars, a bouncy man, a bionic arm, and a one-of-its-kind Giraffalama!

Thank you for hosting us at your school and sharing all of your beautiful designs. We had a blast!

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