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A flexible magnetic learning experience unlocking imagination and creativity. Designed to be universally suited for students of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

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Clixo Classroom Pack

A complete Clixo set with 100 pieces, activity cards, an educator's guide and instruction poster to facilitate endless classroom activities.

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Inclusive Design Made With Everyone in Mind

Clixo is universally designed to suit kids of all ages, skill levels and abilities. As a great learning tool to develop social, verbal, emotional and fine-motor skills, Clixo enables everyone to work together in an inclusive setting.

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Clixo Classroom Pack


Share the ultimate Clixo experience with your classroom! With 100 pieces, our introductory educator’s guide, instructions poster, and 32 activity prompt cards for collaborative and independent play, spark your students' creativity while developing STEAM, problem solving, and sensory exploration skills.

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What Educators think about Clixo

Mary Phillips, STEAM Teacher,Bangor, Michigan

“My students loved the bright colors and the patterns they could achieve by alternating shapes. The red/blue polarity indications on the magnets were very easy for them to figure out through a little exploration.”

Andy Yung, Pre-K Teacher, Queens, New York

The pack’s potential as a learning tool, particularly for language development, is significant. The introduction of each unique Clixo piece provides an opportunity to expand vocabulary in a playful and context-specific manner.

Michele Rabinowitz, STEAM educator, Brooklyn, New York

“After they get to play with it a bit, they realize they can create three-dimensional shapes. Clixo helps with critical thinking, problem-solving, and working collaboratively as a group..”

Clixo's Pillars of Learning

The Sandbox of Toys

Each child drives their own educational journey at their own pace.

The Power of Simplicity

Naturalistic shapes allowing kids to create intuitively. 

Just the Right Amount of Structure

Some constraints to free-form play provide scaffolding for innovation.

Experimentation Over Perfection

Flexibility that defies the notion of completion with open-ended curiosity.

Agility and Humor

Humorous storytelling as an entryway into playful creativity. 

Award-Winning Toy for Creativity

Clixo is a certified Educational Product by the
Rainbow Pack is honored with an Excellence Seal of Approval by Mom's Choice Awards
Winner of Top Summer Toys by Toy Insider
Winner of the Best Creative Fun Award by Tillywig
Winner of Top Toy Creative Child Awards by

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