Educator Ambassador Program

Share your discoveries with the Clixo Community

“Being part of the Educator Ambassador Program was a rewarding experience, connecting me with like-minded educators and offering valuable tools to elevate learning with Clixo. It allowed me to gain insights and discover creative ways to incorporate Clixo into my teaching, ultimately enriching my students’ educational experiences.”

Andy Yung, Pre-K Teacher

Become a Voice in the Clixo Community

Are you a teacher or educator interested in spreading your creative Clixo innovations and discoveries with Clixo and other educators? 

We invite you to share your creative classroom experiences, insights, and activities with the Clixo educator community. See ways to represent Clixo and become an inspiration to others. 

As an ambassador, you will take part in the following activities 

Share the creative ways you use Clixo in your classroom

Document your engagement with Clixo through images and videos 

Give feedback on new products and materials

Participate in interviews, blogs and video testimonials

Speak about Clixo at conferences and fairs

Apply to become an ambassador

Educators Perks

  • Receive discount codes to purchase Clixo packs, and to share with your community
  • Connect with other educators on Clixo educator meetups
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of how Clixo works
  • Receive credit for your creative activities on Clixo Classroom online

For questions email: