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Clixo Classroom Pack - A Dive Into Our Design Process

Clixo Classroom Pack - A Dive Into Our  Design Process

Last month we launched our first Clixo Classroom Pack for group activities in educational settings. We are proud to share the evolution of the project from conceptualization to realization in a discussion with Sebastian Morales, Clixo’s Director of Design.

How was the Classroom Pack created?

The early adopters of Clixo were teachers and after-school program leaders who started using it in their activities. Teachers were using our existing Clixo packs, and we wanted to make a bigger pack that would accommodate a full class.
So we started speaking with teachers and working together to create classroom activities. We realized it works very well for Classrooms. It almost naturally invites people to collaborate and work on it together. Clixo is very STEM oriented, so it was a natural progress to include it as an educational tool into the Classroom setting. The idea with creating the Pack was to offer a more established approach, and identify the educational values of Clixo in a classroom setting.

One of our early educator collaborators, Reid Bingham, was the first one who was formally translating Clixo into an educational activity format. He added ideas about defining a part count, presenting activities in a way that followed a process and were suitable for a lesson plan, with clear learning objectives.

“The Clixo Classroom Pack is a robust educational tool that marries creativity with learning. Its emphasis on open-ended play, coupled with its potential to enhance language and cognitive skills, makes it a valuable asset in the pre-K classroom setting.” Andy Yung, Pre-K Teacher


Andy Yung, Pre-K Teacher



The Box

What were the considerations when creating the Classroom Pack?

We were trying to consider two main factors:
Large groups and multiple children playing at once
Creating a combination between self-directed play, where a kid can pick Clixo pieces up and immediately start creating, and also lending it for teachers to create a lesson plan around it.

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