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Clixo Classroom Pack - A Dive Into Our  Design Process

Clixo Classroom Pack - A Dive Into Our Design Process

Last month we launched our first Clixo Classroom Pack for group activities in educational settings. We are proud to share the evolution of the project from conceptualization to realization in a dis...

Educator Ambassadors
Our Classroom Ambassador Program

Our Classroom Ambassador Program

When the Clixo team started developing our newest product, an education pack and online portal designed specifically for students and classrooms, we incorporated educators into the design and feedb...

Activities Clixo workshop at PS 29 Super Science Saturday

Clixo workshop at PS 29 Super Science Saturday

Learn about how the Clixo Toy Building Workshop came to live in PS29 Super Science Saturday.

Clixo® Launches the Clixo Classroom Online Portal!

Clixo® Launches the Clixo Classroom Online Portal!

Clixo studio

Toyish Labs design studio is proud to announce the launch of the Clixo Classroom Online Portal as the next stage of development into the education space of the award-winning toy line, Clixo. In thi...

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What Educators think about Clixo

Dr. Jessica Meizi, The Giant Room

“This fits in perfectly with our STEAM programming. It incorporates creative thinking, science and technology and experimentation. It’s a super powerful tool because it’s open-ended and you get to define how you use it. I love it”

Michele Rabinowitz, STEAM educator

“After they get to play with it a bit, they realize they can create three-dimensional shapes. Clixo helps with critical thinking, problem-solving, and working collaboratively as a group.

Eric S., EaAndy Yung, Pre-K Teacher, Queens, New Yorkrly Learning Center

The pack’s potential as a learning tool, particularly for language development, is significant. The introduction of each unique Clixo piece provides an opportunity to expand vocabulary in a playful and context-specific manner.

Educational Benefits

The Sandbox of Toys

Each child drives their own educational journey at their own pace.

The Power of Simplicity

Naturalistic shapes allowing kids to create intuitively. 

Just the Right Amount of Structure

Some constraints to free-form play provide scaffolding for innovation.

Experimentation Over Perfection

Flexibility that defies the notion of completion with open-ended curiosity.

Agility and Humor

Humorous storytelling as an entryway into playful creativity. 

Award-Winning Toy for Creativity

Clixo is a certified STEM toy by the
Winner of the Best Creative Fun Award by Tillywig
Winner of Top Summer Toys by Toy Insider
Winner of Top Toy Creative Child Awards by
An Excellence Seal of Approval by Mom's Choice Awards

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