Clixo X MOIC

Clixo X MOIC

July 2022

Clixo has partnered with Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) to launch an interactive experience inside the all MOIC locations for kids and adults. MOIC’s magnetic building walls are now filled with colorful, 2D flexible Clixo pieces that turn into an endless variety of 3D creations. The collaboration invites all guests to build creatively and let imaginations run free.

A collaborative pack with Museum of Ice Cream has also launched, exclusively available on-location at MOIC in New York City, Austin, and Chicago, with a limited number available online at for $19.99. The Clixo x Museum of Ice Cream pack contains 9 pieces in Museum of Ice Cream’s classic colors, Strawberry and Cherry. In Clixo’s signature Quad shape, the 9 pieces magnetically snap and click together to build tons of clever creations, helping kids and adults alike explore their imagination!

“We’re very excited to be working with Museum of Ice Cream on this collaboration and sharing Clixo with MOIC visitors. Museum of Ice cream provides a fun and engaging experience for all kids and their parents. At Clixo, we share the same values of bringing play and creativity to kids and kids at heart,”

Assaf Eshet, CEO & Founder of Toyish Labs and creator of Clixo

“MOIC is so excited to be partnering with Clixo on a collaboration that showcases a spirit of curiosity, imagination and learning. Museum of ice cream invites visitors of all ages to, taste, play, explore and dream like a kid again. The power of Clixo is that it’s truly an experiential toy from co-creating with your kids or building advanced adult creations to building magnetic bridges between your designs.”

Manish Vora, Founder & CEO of Museum of Ice Cream

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