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✨ Free ground shipping over $35! Free returns! ✨


How does Clixo work?
It’s easy and simple! Connect different shapes and pieces together by snapping the red and blue magnets together. The pieces are also flexible and can be curved differently to make different designs.

Check out the first 6 and a half minutes of this YouTube video to see a demo!
What age is Clixo appropriate for?
Clixo pieces are for anyone 4 to 99! Children and adults of all ages love them and use them for playing, prototyping, or as a fun, fidgety desk toy!
I'm trying to decide between the packs. Can you help me?
Happy to help! We have a YouTube video here that explains some of the differences (it starts at the 6-minute 30-second mark).

The Itsy Pack is currently our smallest size, with 18 pieces. It comes in 6 shapes, and you get to select the color for your pack (3 options). It comes with six different shapes, which enables kids to get a good variety of experiences with building with our play system.

Similar to the Itsy Pack, the Crew Pack also enables you to select the color of your choice. However, the Crew comes with 30 pieces, including an accessory called the “spinner” not in the Itsy Pack. This “spinner” enables helicopter propellers to spin, can be used as the bottom of a spinning top, or can be snapped onto a creation as a pair of eyes or a nose.
The Rainbow Pack is the set that comes with all the colors and shapes (including the “spinner” that the Crew Pack has). It has 42 pieces, enabling kids to create much larger creations than they could’ve done with the Itsy or the Crew.

The Super Rainbow Pack is the larger version of the Rainbow Pack as it comes with 60 pieces. This is a fantastic pack for solo kids who have larger than life imaginations or for more than one child to play with.

The Wheel Creator Pack is the Super Rainbow Pack combined with our new wheels accessory. We recommend these for older kids (5+) who have had some prior experience with the Clixo packs.

We hope these explanations help. Please feel free to email [email protected] if you have any additional questions!
What makes Clixo educational?
Through its ingenious, research-based design, Clixo enables kids to learn science, spatial, and tactile skills from turning flat 2D shapes into 3D objects. The pieces also encourage experimentation, enabling kids to turn abstract concepts and creative ideas into tangible reality. Elements in the design also involve certain constraints, which help foster soft skills like creative thinking, patience, and persistence.
Is an instruction guide included?
Clixo is an open-ended toy that encourages free play and creative exploration. We don’t believe that instructions are necessary, but we do include a quick start guide in each pack to help kids get started. We also provide cool ideas in our challenges page and activity ideas on our blog.
Why is Clixo special?
We’ve spent years researching and working on our patented design, and it’s absolutely the coolest thing about Clixo. The play system is flexible, incredibly intuitive, and ageless – absolutely anyone can pick them up and play.

By experimenting with the different pieces, one can discover new ways to fold, combine, and place them – whether it’s stuck on a metallic surface, worn on your body, or wrapped around an object. It’s also meant to be easy to create with and tweak to constantly iterate and improve on anything you’ve built or easily take it apart to rebuild anew.

It’s a building toy with a modern twist, with limitless possibilities.
What makes Clixo different from other building sets?
Many factors make Clixo infinitely unique. Unlike other building sets on the market, Clixo pieces are flexible and don’t require a flat surface to build or play. The pieces also stack easily and pack light to make it easier for kids to play with or wear on the go. Strong, durable magnets enable kids to stick it to any magnetic surface for even more play possibilities. Lastly, cleanup is a snap – just stack the pieces up, and you’re all done!
Are all Clixo packs and pieces compatible?
Yes. Clixo pieces are modular and can be used together with pieces from other packs.
What is Clixo made of?
Clixo pieces are made from recyclable and durable synthetic paper with strong-embedded magnets for maximum safety. The materials are proprietary, kid-safe (non-toxic), and specially developed for our brand. Safety is a priority for Clixo, and all Clixo products have passed numerous laboratory tests and are compliant with federal toy safety standards, including ASTM, EN71, and California’s Proposition 65. Our packaging is made from recycled bamboo and is sustainably manufactured.
How do I clean Clixo pieces?
There are many different ways to clean your Clixo pieces. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them down or stick them in a dishwasher. For extra peace of mind, they can also be sanitized with an Isopropyl alcohol solution (70%) and wiped down with a soft cloth (but it’s not necessary).
Which pack would you recommend for a 4 year old?
The Itsy and Crew packs are great choices for younger children as they can scale with age. Kids can start with 2D shapes and slowly get acquainted with 3D creations.
Which pack would you recommend for an 8 year old?
The Rainbow, Super Rainbow, Wheel Creator, Mars Rovers and Ocean Creatures packs are fantastic options for older children as they allow for wider varieties and complexities of builds.
Which pack would you recommend for a family or classroom?
For a group of younger kids (2-4), the triple Itsy bundles are wonderful as they contain enough pieces for 2D and 3D builds. Adult supervision is always recommended for kids of this age.

For older kids (5+), the Super Rainbow pack or multiple Crew packs are great fun in a classroom or a larger family setting, as these would offer enough pieces for everyone to play with solo or together to create a wide variety of creations.

All the pieces from all our packs can be combined to create larger objects and structures.
Which pack would you recommend as a gift?
We love all our packs and think they all make excellent gifts!

The Rainbow pack has been the consistent fan favorite for its complete range of colors and the fun spinner accessory. Having 42 pieces in 7 unique shapes, the creation opportunities are vast. Recommended for ages 4 and above.

Our Wheel Creator Pack is even bigger, with 72 pieces in 10 shapes and wheel and bracket accessories to add a mobility aspect. It is recommended for ages 6 and above.
Do you recommend Clixo for children with special needs?
Absolutely. The vibrant colors and unique, flexible shapes are fun and fantastic for visual and creative stimulation. From the smooth, durable paper to the haptic feedback from the snap of the magnets, Clixo is so much fun to grip, click, and explore. It uses play as a powerful gateway for hands-on learning and self-expression.

The Clixo play system can help your child develop problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking skills, and they’re portable, so they can be taken on the go to keep your child entertained and engaged.

Whether they’re simply snapping the pieces together, creating a small object, an imaginary creature, a custom wearable, or a fidget friend, building with Clixo can be an excellent source of fun, focus, engagement, and relaxation for kids with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and more!
Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally.
Tell me about your packaging
We put a lot of thought into our packaging, and you can read about it in our blog to learn more about our philosophy and decision-making process (it’s super interesting, we swear)!

The answer is that Clixo’s packaging is plastic-free and made of bamboo, which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. We believe that Clixo isn’t the type of toy meant to be stashed away in a box. It is built for kids to experiment and prototype with constantly. So, our packaging is meant purely as a shipping container, not a storage container.
Can I Include a gift note with my order?
Yes! You have the option to include a free gift note in your order. When you get to the checkout, look for the area that says “Add a Gift Note.” As a standard practice, we never include a bill/receipt in the package box.
I bought a pack! Now what?
One of the best ways to play with Clixo is to simply start snapping things together. As you familiarize yourself with the pieces, various combinations will create “aha moments” and happy accidents. Things can click into place just from improvisation and playing around. We also have some fun resources in the form of video challenges and helpful blog posts. You will receive an email asking for a review in about a week. This only goes out to verified buyers and ensures that the reviews on our site are authentic. It would mean a lot to us if you would leave some feedback, whether through product reviews on our site, Google, Facebook, or Amazon.
Where can I see more reviews for Clixo?
Each of our product pages contains authentic reviews. Reviews are collected through an independent third-party service, and these requests are sent to all our buyers a few weeks after purchase. We’ve also collected some highlights on our Instagram page for photo or video reviews.

We welcome feedback and encourage (and highly appreciate) your review, whether on our site, Google, Facebook, or Amazon. These reviews are helpful for both our team and for others looking to learn from your experience with Clixo.
What comes in the Wheel Creator Pack?
Wheel Creator Pack includes 72 pieces in ten shapes, including wheels and brackets, for building dynamic objects, cars, trucks, or anything you desire with our Wheel Creator Pack.


Is it possible to buy Wheels and Brackets separately?
Great news! We have considered your requests and have now introduced a Wheel Accessory pack with four wheels and two brackets. Please take a look!
I have a problem with my order…
Please reach out to [email protected] with your Order Number as soon as you discover the issue. We will do our best to resolve this for you. For any other questions that aren’t order-related, please reach out to [email protected]. We usually respond from both accounts within 24 hours or less.
Still more questions?
You can always Contact us at [email protected]
What is a pre-order?
When we launch new products and availability is limited, we sometimes allow to pre-order, with the benefit of getting a discount or a different benefit. When you pre-order, you will get your order in 8-10 weeks from the order time. We will email you when your order is on its way.
If I order regular packs and pre-ordered packs, do I pay extra shipping fees?
NO! You will not be charged extra shipping for your pre-order item. If your order qualifies for free shipping, both shippings will be free.
Can I return my pre-order item?
Yes. Pre-order is like any other order; you receive it later than usual. You can find instructions on how to return items here.

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